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A unified procedure is a procedure or set of procedures in the field of construction carried out by the municipal administration of duty, in the name and for the account of customers, obtaining necessary conditions and other documents of state and local public enterprises, the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre and other organizations entrusted with public authority . A unified procedure represents a significant positive novelty introduced amendments to the Law on planning and construction in December 2014, which will reduce the steps, time and cost of construction, connection to the infrastructure and registering property rights. This will be for the economy and citizens significantly simplify the complicated process of obtaining documents needed in various stages of construction. The project "Establishment of a single counter for business support and the issuance of building permits," funded by the European Union and the Swiss Government through programs of European partnership with municipalities - EU PROGRESS which is aimed at creating better living conditions and creating a favorable investment climate that will encourage prosperity in construction South and Southwest Serbia.

The project “Establishment of One Stop Shops for support to businesses and issuance of bilding permits“ aims to create better life conditions and environment for investments, which will encourage prosperity of the citizens in South and South West Serbia. The project funded by the European Union and Government of Switzerland through European Partnership with Municipalities Programme  - EU PROGRES.

The goal of establishment of One Stop Shops is to significantly accelerate the process of issuance of building permits and enable investors to provide all necessary information and documents at one place, quickly and easily. The project creates better working environment for relevant departments, reduces preassure of clients and develops efficient communication and coordination system by One Stop Shop at the relation Local Administration public utility companies clients.