Documents excange by official duty


The Act comes into force on 9 March 2016, and shall apply from 1 June 2017, except the provisions of Article. 9, 103 and 207, which will be applicable upon the expiry of 90 days from the date of entry into force of this Act, that on June 8, 2016. Three months after the entry into force of the general procedure ( "Off. Gazette of RS", no. 18/2016) and of 8 June 2016, Serbian citizens will be exempted from the obligation to submit up documentation they need for the issuance of identity cards and passports, and these data will be acquired ex officio and it's free.  This means that paperwork without which, among other things, could not get an identity card and passport, goes down in history because it will provide government officials insight into the electronic database. The obligation of citizens will be to apply to their national authorities of the document obtained from the official records. The introduction of free copies of birth certificates and citizenship certificates, citizens will have less cost when making the identity card or passport. The cost of changes of personal documents will be less tax that now pays for a birth certificate and proof of citizenship, because they will be free. Other costs, according to the price list determined by the Ministry of Interior of Serbia for issuing these documents will have to pay as before. Reduced costs will be for all changes of personal documents, so due to the change surnames wedding instead of the current 10,665 dinars will be necessary 7.7150 pounds. Login name of the child to enroll in the birth and residence will be charged 584 instead of the current 4,402 dinars. The Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government for better implementation of the law in the course of the training officers, electronic networking of databases and a number of other activities that should lead to the full implementation of the changes in relations between administrations. Officials will, if they are not carried out this piece of legislation, you will be punished by a fine of 5,000 to 50,000 dinars. When you are fully satisfied all the conditions for electronic access to personal documents and Serbian citizens abroad will be able to in diplomatic and consular missions of our country abroad, to receive free copies of the birth certificate and citizenship, as well as other necessary documents.  LAW ON GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURE ( "Off. Gazette of RS", no. 18/2016) The principle of effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the procedure Article 9 (1) The authority is obliged to allow the parties to successfully complete the exercise and protection of rights and legal interests. (2) The procedure shall be conducted without delay and with the least cost to the party and other participants in the proceedings, but also to carry out all the evidence necessary for the proper and complete determination of the facts. (3) The Authority shall, ex officio, in accordance with the law, is reviewing information about the facts necessary to decide on which official records are kept, that it obtains and processes. (4) The Authority may ask the client to require only those data which are necessary for its identification and documents that confirm the facts that are not official records. The duty of the authority to obtain information ex officio Article 103 (1) The Authority shall, ex officio, in accordance with the law, is reviewing, acquires and processes data on facts on which official records are kept, which are essential for decision-making (Article 9. Paragraph (3) of this Act). (2) If official records are kept by another body, the body that conducts the procedure is obliged to urgently requested data, the requested authority to a free cede information within 15 days, unless otherwise prescribed. If the requested information can be obtained electronically, the requested authority shall transmit them as soon as possible. (3) In the proceedings, at the request of the party organ may have insight, collects and processes personal information about facts on which official records are kept when it is necessary to decide, unless the client expressly declares that it will obtain such information itself. If the party fails to submit personal information necessary for decision-making authority, the request for proceedings shall be deemed irregular (Article 59, paragraph (2) of this Act).  Deo ninth PENALTY PROVISIONS Misdemeanour liability Article 207 A fine of 5,000 to 50,000 dinars shall be imposed on an authorized officer in terms of this Act, ex officio, does not examine the factual data necessary to decide on which official records are kept, do not ask for them to obtain and processed, and that at the request of the authority conducting the procedure for free does not cede information on which official records are kept within 15 days or such other period specified by law (Article 103 para. (1) and (2) hereof).