Municipalities apply Unified PROCEDURE

Municipalities apply Unified PROCEDURE

  The largest number of local governments from March 1, applies a unified procedure envisaged by the new Law on Planning and Construction, which means that the building permits are issued for a maximum of 28 days, said the State Secretary in the Ministry of Civil Engineering, Transport and Infrastructure Aleksandra Damjanovic. Damnjanović is visiting on TV Pink said that his Ministry has established that all by-laws that are necessary to make the law really worked and that it gave results. "With all the municipalities meetings were held, in which we asked them if there is something that the Ministry can help them. The results of the meetings are such that municipalities have said they have what it takes to be a unified procedure and can be pursues from March 1, "she said. Damnjanović praised the municipalities that are all complied with the law. Yesterday, as Jenaveve, ministry representatives visited Ruma, which, she said, applies perfectly unified procedure, and the like, and it seems to Karlowitz, Sremska Mitrovica, Beocin ... 
    "These are all municipalities which have done all that was needed," she said, noting that it is a system, reform the law and that there were many details that municipalities were obliged to do so before March 1st. "The largest number that is done and now they have no problems in functioning," she said. Damnjanović said that some things have a little misunderstanding, for example, about the determination of the people who will implement this procedure and the like. Talking about the advantages of a unified system, she said that the previous system meant that "you have to pick the thresholds of many institutions and other state organs," and now it all makes a competent authority, which implements unified procedure. She said that perhaps not all departments prepare in the best way, but they'll Ministry that provide assistance.
   The Secretary of State reminded that the law came into force on 17 December and by March 1st was the deadline to adopt all necessary acts in order to January 1, 2016 were willing to complete the electronic exchange of data even when an arrival of investors in the municipality will be required. "Basically now missing people, computers, technical support," she said, adding that the Ministry in collaboration with USAID, GIZ and NALED preparation software package that will be submitted to Zdarma all municipalities in order from 1 January ready welcomed a new phase of unified procedure. Since the employees need to be trained to work, ministry plans and thematic workshops and the whole cycle of training employees who will work on these tasks. "Employees are ready, but since we have a ban on recruitment in some municipalities have only one person to deal with the procedure," she said. Building permits, she said, but now can be obtained for 28 days, and will be issued where municipalities have brought planning documents. 
   "We are introducing order and precision, and I think that our employees are increasingly adapt, so that from 1 January 2016, follow the example of Macedonia, which was the first in the region started with electronic building permit. The goal is to have a system that provides fast and reliable process for investors, on the other hand, is much less room for corruption that is in this area was present, "said Damnjanović